History of Signal Mountain Lodge

Signal Mountain Lodge was initially started in the late 1920's to provide accommodations for wealthy outdoorsmen. The first fishing guides were employed not only to provide guide service on the lake, but also to build log cabins and log furniture on the site. In the early 1930's, the lodge was obtained by Ole Warner.

Shortly after that, due to transportation problems, supply problems, difficulty in obtaining help and insufficient operating capital, Warner sold the property to Charles Wort. At the time of the sale, the property was little more than three small log cabins without plumbing, three homemade boats and a tent frame.

Charles Wort was determined to make Signal Mountain Lodge into a first-class fishing resort. The avid fisherman had already established a camp and boat dock at Jenny Lake and was the first boat concessioner of Grand Teton National Park. John and Jess did expand the lodging and fishing services at the resort, but their hearts were directed toward fulfilling another of their father's dreams; construction of the Wort Hotel in downtown Jackson.

The remaining Wort family members sold the property to the Harris family in 1940. Over the next four decades, the Harris family financed construction of what are now the guest cabins, the convenience store, registration, restaurant and gift store buildings.

The lodge has been owned and operated by Rex Maughan of Phoenix, Arizona since 1984. Major improvements and renovations continue to be made each year to make Signal Mountain Lodge what it is today. Great care is taken in each project to preserve the natural landscape and beauty of Grand Teton National Park.


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