Food & Beverage Operations

Food & Beverage Operations

Our Food & Beverage Sustainability Program at Signal Mountain Lodge is a leader amongst National Park Concessioners and is continually improving and expanding. We are 3-Star Certified by the Green Restaurant Association and a member of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program. Our Food and Beverage operations work with all of our property-wide initiatives as well as some specific to the restaurant outlets. Listed below are some of our initiatives:

We use automatic dishwashing detergent, sanitizer, and degreaser that are biodegradable and do not contain NTA or chlorine bleach.

All to-go packaging and paper products are made from recycled and/or renewable resources.

We purchase CSAs for the The Trapper Grill and staff use from Robinson Family Farm & Ranch in Bedford, WY.

  • We purchase grass-fed whole cows from Robinson Family Farm & Ranch for our staff.
  • All our burgers are from the grass-fed angus ranch HD Dunn & Son in Tetonia, ID.
  • We only purchase seafood approved on the Green List from Seafood Watch.
  • We strive to purchase as locally as possible, and research our carbon footprint for large quantity items.
  • We work to purchase items that are organically or sustainably produced.
  • We use eggs that are cage free, and milk that has not been treated with hormones such as rGBH.
  • Our homemade dough at Leeks Pizzeria is made with organic flours and cage-free eggs.
  • We are ISO 22000 certified.

This is just a partial list of our programs. We have a 'Wall of Sustainability' in our restaurant building that showcases our programs as well as several of our vendors. Stop by to see our latest efforts!