Sustainable Stay

Sustainable Stay

Signal Mountain Lodge's management and staff welcome you to join us in our efforts to protect and conserve our natural resources. Together, we can make Signal Mountain Lodge and Grand Teton National Park a shining example of how conservation and recycling can work toward a better tomorrow.

Lodging & Camping

Signal Mountain Lodge has incorporated many environmentally friendly programs, initiatives, and Best Management Practices into our lodging and campground operations:

  • Programmable timers, light and motion sensors have been implemented for lighting in low traffic areas to ensure that unused lights are not left on or only used when needed.
  • We use water conserving showerheads and faucets in our guest rooms, and waterless urinals have been installed in the campground restrooms and in numerous other public restroom locations. A waterless urinal at Signal saves on average 22,000 gallons per year. With 11 waterless urinals installed it is estimated that Signal saves over 240,000 gallons per year.
  • Signal Mountain Lodge uses environmentally responsible, naturally derived, nontoxic, non-phosphate, biodegradable, concentrated laundry detergents and cleaning products throughout our property. We use bulk soap dispensers in our guest units to help reduce waste from individually wrapped soap and shampoo products.
  • We use latex and low VOC paints and low VOC stains which meet Green Seal GS-33 standards for all painting and staining in our guest rooms and across our properties and we use only non-poisonous insecticides and pesticides for weed and pest control.
  • The paper products used throughout our property are all recycled and meet or exceed the EPA and Green Seal's guidelines for post-consumer content. This includes office materials, toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and facial tissue.
  • Our in-room appliances are energy star rated and we have incorporated LEED certified building aspects and green building practices in guest room remodels and new construction. Beginning in 2014 we started our transition from CFL lighting to more energy efficient LED lighting throughout our guest rooms and operations.
  • Signal Mountain Lodge is also dedicated to minimizing guest and employee exposure to hazardous chemicals and cleaning products by using the least toxic materials available on the market. We are continuously searching for the most eco-friendly and nontoxic products on the market to protect not only our employees and guests, but also the environment.

Guest Environmental Participation Program

While staying at Signal Mountain Lodge, our guests can participate in many procedures that will help us with our initiatives to protect the resources of Grand Teton National Park, conserve energy and water, and reduce waste. By signing up for our Guest Environmental Participation Program, guests are pledging to make a difference and will receive a complimentary reusable grocery bag. The following is a list outlining the practices we ask of our guests participating in our sustainable stays program.

In-Room Participation

  • Recycling: Please place all recyclables in the recycling can in your room. A list of recyclable items is located in your room.
  • Occupied Room Heat: Please keep your thermostat set at 68 degrees or below when in your room.
  • Vacant Room Heat: Please keep your thermostat turned down to 60 degrees or below when leaving your room.
  • Lights: Please turn off all lighting when vacating your room.
  • Electronics: Please unplug any personal electronics not in use.
  • Linen Changes: Linens are changed every fourth day or upon request. For longer stays please consider requesting linen changes at longer intervals.
  • Towel Changes: By hanging your towels you are not requesting a towel change and saving water, energy, and chemical use.
  • Water Use: Please consider taking short showers (under 5 minutes) and reduce the time your faucets are running to conserve water.

Property Wide Participation

  • Recycling: Please take advantage of all recycling containers at our facilities for your solid waste.
  • Natural Resource Protection: Please protect our natural resources by walking only on designated trails and preventing air pollution by not idling vehicles.
  • Noise Pollution: Although quiet hours are enforced after 10 PM we ask our guests to be conscious of the noise they create at all hours of the day and night to preserve the natural environment for all visitors.
  • Retail Purchases: Please consider environmentally preferable retail purchases in our General Store and Gift Stores. We offer a variety of organic and environmentally responsible options.
  • Dining Choices: Please consider sustainable food options when dining in our restaurants. Trapper Grill, Leeks Pizzeria and Deadman’s Bar offer organic and sustainable beverages and foods from local sources.
  • Be "Bear Aware:" Please keep all food items and other attractants inside room or vehicle and not left unattended.


It is the objective of Signal Mountain Lodge to protect all wildlife that reside in Grand Teton National Park and to preserve the Park's native species as much as possible. Each species residing in the park has a particular habitat and lifestyle requirements, and The National Park Service has provided guidelines for the safe viewing and etiquette concerning visitor interaction with wildlife. Handouts are available at Signal Mountain Lodge that outline proper etiquette and information for all animals residing in the park. Additional info may be found on the National Park Service website and our Nature & Wildlife page.

Bear Awareness

While it is important to keep a safe and respectful distance from all animals in the park, black and grizzly bears are a particular concern. Signal Mountain Lodge educates guests and employees on bear awareness and the proper etiquette and safety precautions that need to be considered when staying in or traveling in bear country. All waste is disposed of and/or contained in bear proof cans and dumpsters or storage boxes, and any bear activity within the confines of the Signal Mountain Lodge or Leeks Marina areas is immediately reported to the National Park Service. Employee housing, campgrounds and guest cabin areas are monitored daily for bear attractants of any kind and specially designed food storage containers or "bear boxes" are provided for every campsite in our campgrounds to ensure that food is properly stored. Learn more about bear safety >

Health & Wellness

In partnership with Grand Teton National Park and the National Park Service, Signal Mountain Lodge supports the personal wellness of all our guests and staff by promoting health and well-being in body, mind, spirit, and environment through education, communication, and inspiration. It is our intention to rejuvenate and raise awareness for the role of public lands in improving the health of our nation. National parks are model settings to promote physical activity, healthy eating, and mental health, while also demonstrating how human health is interdependent on the health of all species and our environment.

We encourage all of those staying in Grand Teton National Park to get out and explore all that this amazing park has to offer. We encourage all our guests to join the "Signal Mountain Summit Club"! By reaching the summit of Signal Mountain by either biking or hiking, guests are rewarded with a sticker to recognize their accomplishment.

Signal Mountain Lodge also offers several guided activities such as fly fishing, lake fishing, and rafting on the Snake River for guests to facilitate the many outdoor recreation activities available in the Tetons. Canoe, kayak, and boat rentals are also available at Signal Mountain Marina for the more adventurous outdoor enthusiasts who wish to explore Jackson Lake on their own.

Grand Teton National Park trail maps and information regarding hikes, wildlife viewing, backcountry camping, flora, fauna, geology, boating, and many other activities and areas of interest are provided to our guests. All this park information is provided free of charge and is intended to inspire and educate our guests on the myriad of activities and natural wonders that Grand Teton National Park has to offer. It is our hope that if guests and visitors are provided with the information, education, and inspiration they will take advantage of the many opportunities available to them to get up, get out, and explore this amazing place.